Damaged and broken vials of Herceptin 440 mg and BWFI

Thu, Jul 10, 2008

FDA Drug Advisory

Genentech informed healthcare professionals that an increased number of complaints were received regarding damaged and broken vials of Herceptin 440 mg and BWFI (bacteriostatic water for injection) diluent. The affected vials are NDC# 50242-0134-68, List # 15534. There is a risk that damaged vials may lead to a loss in sterility, which can cause infections in patients.

Healthcare professionals should inspect cartons of the product for signs of leakage, cracks and other damage to the vials, observe the vials during reconstitution, and check for loss of vacuum in the vials. See the manufacturer’s letter for specific details and recommendations, including instructions in the event a compromised vial is discovered.

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