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Tylenol During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma

7. March 2016

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Norwegian scientists utilized health information on 95,200 pregnant moms in between 1999 and 2008, and followed 53,169 of their kids after birth. The moms finished surveys on medication usage on their own and their kids. After managing for different health and behavioral attributes, they discovered that prenatal direct exposure to Tylenol was connected with a […]

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Acetaminophen may harm male fetuses

8. November 2010


Women who take a headache tablets of Acetaminophenl during pregnancy risk giving birth to boys with malformed genitals. 47,000 Danish women have participated in a survey organized by the University of Aarhus. The results presented in the journal Epidemiology. The Danish researchers conclude that the analgesic tablets containing the active ingredient Acetaminophen, which many non-prescription […]

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