Bladder Cancer in Actos users

Diabetes drug Actos has been linked to high risk of bladder cancer and other injuries.

Recent medical studies confirm that Actos can cause bladder cancer and other injuries. Actos (pioglitazone) is a Type 2 diabetes drug often prescribed as an alternative to Avandia. At one time it was believed that Actos was safer.

Actos lawsuits against Takeda Pharmaceuticals who manufactures the Actos drug, allege that patients who took Actos developed bladder cancer. Patients who have bladder cancer are urged stop using Actos, while the medication should be used with caution in patients who have a prior history of bladder cancer, the FDA warns.

Injuries caused by Actos

Bladder Cancer
Heart Attack
Congestive Heart Failure
Heart Disease
Kidney Damage
Liver Damage
Bone Fracture

Actos Side Effects

Actos, or pioglitazone hydrochloride, is a commonly prescribed anti-diabetic medication used in combination with dietary constraints to control adult onset diabetes (diabetes II). The drug, a single-molecule chemical cousin of Avantia, is popular with medical professionals, for it succeeds at regulating blood glucose and reducing insulin resistance far more effectively than other medications. In a nation suffering an epidemic increase in diabetes II cases, a reliable and effective support to help control the central symptoms of the illness is welcome.

Nonetheless, Actos is not without side effects. The drug has both common, low-impact side effects and more serious ones – so serious that studies have led France and Germany to remove the drug from the market entirely, forbidding doctors to prescribe the medication.

Among the milder and less sinister side effects are headache, respiratory and sinus infections, sore throat, muscle pain, tooth problems and water retention. These are common to many drugs, and are seldom debilitating, though on a patient by patient basis, it is possible to find a degree of variation in response among patients. Most experience few, if any side effects.

Updated list of drugs with active ingredient of Actos.

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