Zoloft lawsuits offer compensation to families

Zoloft lawsuits can compensate children and their families for damages that could have been prevented with more effective warnings about the drug.

The lawsuits are based on health problems in babies whose mothers ingested Zoloft while pregnant. The lawsuits stem from allegations that the drug’s manufacturer neglected to find and warn consumers about its negative effects.

Zoloft is considered a Category C drug because of its potential to hurt unborn babies. However, some experts feel that Zoloft should instead be classified as a Category D drug, indicating an even more serious threat. Despite its many risks, Zoloft has not been recalled due to the drug’s potential benefits for some patients.

Zoloft has been shown to increase babies’ risk of heart, lung and abdominal defects and also of persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborns (PPHN). Other defects that have been linked to the drug include craniosynostosis (skully malformation), spina bifida and infant death.

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