Serzone linked to liver damage

The anti depressent drug, Serzone, has been linked to wrongful death and severe liver damage in patients prescribed the drug. Children prescribed the drug may be linked to increased depression and suicide tendencies.

The FDA has stated that the makers of Serzone, Bristol Myers Squibb, are responsible for the serious liver failures and liver problems linked to the drug. The Serzone side effects have lead to numerous deaths in the United States. There has been a complete Serzone ban in Europe, Canada, and Autstralia. The Serzone Recall has not yet affected the United States despite efforts to ban the drug from being prescribed.

However, due to a Public Citizen’s petition in 2004, the company discontinued the drug. The Serzone drug still remains though in the public’s grasp as Bristol Myers did not discontinue all versions. Serzone lawsuits are being filed against the company for the wrongful deaths and liver failures the drug caused.

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