Mothers filing suit for omphalocele with Zoloft

Mothers across the country are joining in a lawsuit against the makers of the antidepressant Zoloft, claiming that taking the drug while pregnant caused them to give birth to infants with birth defects. Studies have tied Zoloft use to a number of different defects and health problems, including omphalocele.

Omphalocele is a dangerous condition in which parts of an infant’s organs, especially the intestines, stick out of an infant’s belly button. The babies’ intestines are easily visible the eye, as they are protected by only a thin layer of skin.

The condition occurs when muscles in an unborn baby’s abdominal wall do not close the way they are meant to. When the baby is born, the extent of the condition can vary. In more extreme cases, organs besides the intestines protrude from the hole as well.

Because omphalocele is easily visible, testing is not required for diagnosis. However, once apparent, surgery is needed to move the organs back into their correct locations and restore the baby’s body to normal functioning and appearance.

Babies with omphalocele generally have a good chance at survival but often suffer from other birth defects at the same time, which may complicate their treatment and recovery.

If you have a baby with omphalocele or other birth defects, and you took Zoloft during your pregnancy, you may be entitled to join in the lawsuit against Zoloft’s maker. We would like to offer you a free evaluation of your case and help you seek compensation for your child’s health problems. Contact us today.

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